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ANR Project LAGOON (2022-2026)

The ANR project Lagoon was funded by ANR in 2021 (link) within the section CE46 - Modèles numériques, simulation, applications.

Coastal areas host around 10% of the world's population and a huge amount of economic activities. Climate change is expected to increase coastal flooding hazard in years to come. In this project, we propose to develop a numerical tool for the stormsurges predictions.

For four years, a joint effort between the partners of this project among others has been done for the development of a numerical tool able to tackle planetary computations with high resolution at the coast: the Uhaina code, based on top of the AeroSol library. The scope of this project is to increase the computational performance of our modelling platform, in order to upgrade it as an efficient and accurate tool for storm-surge predictions in different future climate scenarios. To achieve this goal and producing results which go beyond the state-of-the-art, our efforts will be focused on the following numerical and informatics developments, devoted to decrease the run time of the model in operational conditions.

  1. Development of low-Froude accurate Implicit-Explicit (ImEx) time integration strategy.
  2. Development of scalable aggregation-based multigrid methods for addressing the efficiency of the inversion of the (non)linear systems induced by implicit time stepping. For the data generation, two stages IO, in-situ and in-transit data post-processing are strategies that will be evaluated with existing technologies and will be implemented to improve the performance of the production code.
  3. The numerical tool will be validated on 1979-2014 sea level reanalysis, and be used for the generation of a database of sea level projections on future climate CMIP6 projections.

The code developed within this project will be freely distributed, with a strong effort put on reproducibility of results. Data generated for both the sea level reanalysis and the database of sea level projection for future climate projections will be distributed towards the community.

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